Our Core Values



Customer satisfaction is key. Hence, we ensure our campaigns follow world’s PR professional standards and etiquettes to afford our clients international standards communication materials and campaigns.

Honesty & Integrity

We ingrained in our people the virtues of honesty and integrity as we firmly believe these virtues will gain us earned respect and trust from all parties we deal with, from our clients, members of the media, our suppliers, partners or any of ours of our client’s stakeholders.




Teamwork is essential to achieve the desired outcomes of any campaigns. Hence, we strive to understand the work culture and limitations of our clients and to work alongside them at all levels to form a solid team.

Fast Response

When a crisis strikes, there is not a moment to lose. Our team is always on the go providing fruitful advise, consultancy and creative ideas in any crisis situation and to act on it.




We strive to be a partner of growth with our clients and our stakeholders.


Unit 1812, Level 19,
Boutique Office (B01-D),
Menara 2 (Pillar 11) KL Eco City
No 3 Jalan Bangsar
59200 Kuala Lumpur

Contact Info
  • Tel : +603-2775 5810
  • Email : info@citrineone.com